Wotlk Beta: The Motorcycle Costs How Much!

24 10 2008
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10 Days to make 1 Motorcycle

10 Days to make 1 Motorcycle

We have all seen or heard about it, the infamous motorcycle mount! A few posts ago I wrote about some gold sinks in the beta, but I left out crafted items since it was still hard to gauge the price range of these items in the beta. The [Mechano-hog] / [Mekgineer’s Chopper] had spiked my interested, this item for sure in my mind was going to be an expensive gold sink. I had looked up the mats on wowhead and found that half the items were sold from a vendor in Storm Peaks. I had visited the place with my premade level 80 on the beta, however Roxi Ramrockethad nothing to sell to me. Recently I had learned that you need to learn the recipe to be able to buy the mats, the prices now are available, and they are quite scary. Below I am going to at temp to estimate the price of the horde version of the mount with this new data. Engineers will most likely be able to make some big money with this item, since it is BOE (Bind on Equip) and can be sold on the auction house.

[Schematic: Mechano-hog]– Req. Exhalted Horde Expedition, 450 Engineering, BOP (Bind on Pickup)

Materials Required:


So your looking at about 27,000g+ on the top end and a minimum 12,500g just from the set vendor prices! Plus the mark up when engineers list them on the auction house. If the prices stay the same when Wotlk ships, that is still a minimum of 12,500g just for the vendor parts. Please keep in mind my estimates on the other materials are loosely based on average server prices of equivalent items; ie. Cobalt Bolts and Fel Iron Bolts. I tried to keep inflation in mind since everyone will be making more gold in Wotlk, therefore increased prices. This mount may even end up more expensive than the [Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth] which sells for 16,000g at exhalted reputation. Finding a miner willing to blow their [Smelt Titansteel] cooldown for you may be hard when everyone is trying to level up their professions. These numbers are still estimates and the vendor prices may change when Wotlk launches. For now, we know this mount has a minimum price of 12,500g, that is if you farm and mine everything else. We now have a ball park figure we can use, which is a whole lot better than  what we had to work with before.

This may be another gold sink I am interested in. With its’ 10 day crafting period and expensive price, this will become a pretty exclusive mount at first. However, the Mammoth has vendors, reagents, and repair ability which I simply cannot pass up. Between the two I would have to get a Mammoth since it has more features.


Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks Video

10 10 2008

Recently I wrote about the many and expensive gold sinks in Wotlk. Here is a video highlighting some of the items. The hit points I am refering to on the mammoth mount is part of Wotlk’s new siege vehicle mechanic. You can even survive a 1000 yard fall on the mount, once you hit the ground you dismount and you can resummon. It can also take damage, once HP hits zero, you are dismounted. You do not take damage yourself like when you are on a regular mount. You cannot be cc’ed or slowed while on the mount. The [Mechano-hog] / [ Mekgineer’s Chopper] are also like this. Flag runners can hop on these mounts during WSG as well.

[Update] Blizzard just announced that a flying mount is required to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. However you won’t need to buy [Cold Weather Flying], a loaner mount will be given to you so you can access this content. So this is considered a gold sink instead of a required purchase. For example the flying mount requirment to access Tempest Keep instances in TBC is not considered a gold sink.

Blue Post:

“Cold-Weather flying not required to level up at higher levels.
This is not true. You are not required to have Cold Weather Flying to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. If you do not have Cold Weather Flying, you will get a “loaner mount” that will permit you to complete leveling in the zones.” (Source)

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Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks

Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks

5 10 2008
Wotlk Beta Mount Vendor

Wotlk Beta Mount Vendor - Build 9038

So I was thinking the other day, how much gold should I save up if I wanted to buy all the goodies in Wotlk. Many of you have seen multi-passenger mount for around 20,000g. Regardless of your feelings on if it is worth it or not, lets see how much gold you should be saving if you wanted to buy all these new shiny toys. After looking all the vendors around Dalaran, here are some of the vendor items I found as well as some from reputation vendors. Please be aware these prices are subject to change and may not reflect vendor discounts for reputation (up to 20% off at exalted). Some items may only be available for testing purposes. Prices are from build 9038. Remember this is a beta.

Assuming your not a mage and leaving out all the items below 250g, buying all these items cost over 43,000g non-discounted (around 35,000g at exhalted). Mages are going to be looking at over 49,000g! Honestly I can see myself buying some of these items just to burn some of the gold I have. However I will probably power level my professions first since they will generate the majority of my income in Wotlk. Getting [Cold Weather Flying] is pretty much a given; all it requires is level 77+ and regular flying mount training (150 Expert skill).

If you are wonder what exactly a [Tome of Dalaran Intellect] does, you may be disappointed. All it does is change the spell animation and icon. Looks like the arcane blast animation when you cast it, as well as a new icon over your head. Everything about functionality of the spell stays the same, it is purely cosmetic.

The new vanity items are fun for about the first 30 seconds. I expected more out of a 250g keg I can drop for my raid, [Cask of Aged Dalaran Red]. It has 25 charges of wine that you and your party can click much like a mage table. The keg itself as an expiration date of 365 days from when you buy it. So I decided to drop one, clicked all 25 charges and drank all of it. Not much happened except your usual drunk effects.

The [Toy Train Set] is fairly entertaining and annoying. Much like the [Piccolo of the Flaming Fire] that makes everyone around you dance, except it makes them do a /train emote. It has a 30 minute cool-down, 1.5 minute duration, and puts a small train set on the ground. Nice to know people can’t spam this item, but annoying nonetheless. This might even be funny during a 25 man raid.

I have not included BOE items like the [Mechano-hog] / [ Mekgineer’s Chopper] or various crafted items. Prices of crafting materials are still unknown till they make it to live. The mats for the it contains 12 [Titansteel Bar]. Each bar has a 20 hour cool down to make and require 3 of the new primals(eternals). My guess is the mats will cost thousands of gold. The price of the mount may be in be in relation to the price of the other multi-passenger mounts in the game, as you can get one through rep for 8000g. The motorcycle is also is considered a siege vehicle which means it has it’s own hit points. You will be dismounted when your hit points reaches zero. I have seen this used in WSG to drive the flag carrier around. There may be a high demand for these on live, but we will see.

So in conclusion, if you have around 35-45k gold on live, you will be able to afford most of the gold sinks in Wotlk. However if your not big into gold sinks, then you really don’t need to save much, may a few thousand gold. Leveling will get you the gold you need for repairs, resepcs, training, etc. In my opinion, 5000g is a nice number to save up. You won’t be struggling to level your professions, buying enchants, gems, faction items, etc. Remember, your professions are a very good investment. I plan to power level mine by buying mats off the auction house, I will make back all that money when I’m at level cap.