Herbalism: 1 Week update from Inscription launch

21 10 2008

One week ago I wrote about stockpiling some herbs right before the Inscription launch in patch 3.0.2. I had saved up 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to sell as a Inscription power leveling kit. I had spent an estimated 1000g on buying out all the herbs, which I had some left over. The night right before the patch (Oct. 14th) I had bought the final remaining herbs I needed at some marked up prices on the auction house. I really should have did this weeks before since I was paying up to 3.5g a piece for herbs. Good thing I didn’t need much.

On patch day servers took forever to get back up, that’s probably why I saw a huge increase in traffic on the site. It was 9PM server by the time I logged on so I started spamming my power leveling kit. There were only a few offers and it was for 3000g (~33g/stack), which wasn’t anything to brag about, but I took it. I had realized just after selling those herbs how much money 350+ scribes were making, thousands within the first few days. The Inscription leveling guide I had linked to my buyer had you make 275+ glyphs by 350. So my buyer would have made all 3000g back if they sold each glyph for approximately 15g each, which is what the scribes on my server was charging for any glyph. Plus extra for the rare minor glyphs you can only learn by doing [Minor Inscription Research] once every 20 hours. Also with 6 minor glyphs per class and 9 classes, that’s about 50 days to learn all of them, pre Wotlk. I had even heard of other servers selling stacks of herbs for 100g+!

With the severe server lag, my buyer wanted me to C.O.D. him all 1800 herbs with 7.5 messages. I really should have waited a bit, but I got impatient and it was getting late. So a few days later I had recieved only 2200g and 2 returned messages which had a C.O.D. of 400g each. Those mailings were returned Outland herbs. My buyer had just picked what herbs they needed and returned the rest which defeats the point of my herb package! I really should have just randomized the herbs I put in each mailing, which holds 12 stacks. So my profit was around 1200g, but the buyer was still paying an average of 33g+ per stack, which included all the lowbie herbs I bought for only a few gold a stack.

This wasn’t a total loss, I still made some money and have herbs to sell at inflated prices on the AH. I didn’t stop my other sources of income, so in the end I still made a profit for the little work of buying out herbs on the auction house. In the past week I made about 5000g, not too bad since I went back to actually play the game rather than standing in front of the AH for hours. As a side note, the icon above is [Glyph of Pick Pocket], which I found to be appropriate for this post of me getting had by my buyer.

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Herbalism: Inscription Launches Tomorrow 


Herbalism: Inscription Launches Tomorrow

13 10 2008

I am writing this on Monday afternoon, the day before patch 3.0.2 comes out. Already the prices of herbs on my server have increased. Many herbs of the herbs are in short supply and even non existent on the auction house. I have been saving a bunch of random stacks of herbs to resell for a profit when Inscription drops on Tuesday. I decided to sell them as a entire lot along with a link to a guide. While trying to buyout the remaining herbs needed for my power leveling kit, I had trouble finding the mid level herbs. Low level and Outland herbs still have a fair price. I may try later tonight to see if I can finish up buying the stacks I need. Not sure how much my lot will go for, but I will base it on how much herbs go for tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on prices they might be charging, please let me know. According to the guide I am using, to hit max level Inscription that this patch will let you go up to, you will need 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to power level it.

The Smoke Shop of Wotlk

As far as trying to cash in on this herb rush, scan your auction house for cheap herbs and prepare to sell them tomorrow after the patch is implemented. Remember many people plan to power level this profession and are also saving their herbs to sell, prepare for some competition. Check specifically for all the mid level herbs. I have posted 2 Inscription power leveling guides below to help you with the herbs you will need for it, even better for you if you are actually planning to level this profession.