Wotlk Preparation Part 3: Honor and PVP

2 11 2008

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In Part 2 of our Wotlk Preparation series, we will discussed liquidating your items, organizing, and freeing up bank slots in preparation for all the new items and mats you will be collecting in Wotlk. In Part 3 we will crunch some numbers to see how much Honor Points you should save up in preparation for the new level 80 PVP gear. There are 3 different sets of PVP gear per season!

  • Savage Gladiator (Good)
    • Blue Quality
    • Item Level 200
    • No Arena Rating Required
  • Hateful Gladiator (Better)
    • Epic Quality
    • Item Level 200
    • 1600-1800 Arena Rating Required
    • No Rating on Accessories, Belt, Boots, etc.
  • Deadly Gladiator (Best)
    • Epic Quality
    • Item Level 213
    • 1800-2200 Arena Rating Required
    • 1600-1800 Arena Rating on Accessories, Belt, Boots, etc.
Deadly Gladiator Accessories

Deadly Gladiator Accessories

As you can see, Blizzard is trying to provide everyone with arena gear by providing 3 sets rather than 1 set with rating requirements like in season 4. With previous season, some of us were able to stock up on honor for all the accessories, belt, boots, bracers, etc. which was about 75,000 (honor cap) total. I had logged on to the beta Build 9155, and noticed that this was no longer possible. The honor cap is still 75,000 but the cost of all the PVP has gone up significantly. We all knew that Blizzard had announced that honor points will not be reset, but all the gear would have their prices increased. You bet that they kept their promise, prices are as high as 62,000 honor for a Deadly Gladiator belt! Even for the full 5 piece set of blue quality Savage Gladiator gear, it costs 50,000+ honor along with 1500 arena points. Now add the cost of all the rings, cloak, belt, bracers, trinkets, and weapons. You are looking at 100,000+ honor for a full set of gear! So the only advice I can give is to hit the honor cap, which is 75,000 honor. I did noticed that on the beta you have the option of purchasing Savage Gladiator gear with either a combination of honor/arena points or just honor points. The honor only option however costs about 60,000 honor per piece of armor. I am not sure if this will change once Wotlk goes live, but that much honor for blue quality gear still seems a bit steep. 

In the current beta build there is no requirement of battleground marks for any gear. So on live you are can turn in your marks for 314 honor, however there is a new and better trade in system on the beta. You may be thinking right now that it will take forever to get all your PVP gear since some items cost almost as much as the honor cap. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to gain honor in Wotlk as well as in increase in honor rewarded. An interesting note here, you are able to do PVE content to get PVP rewards. In the most extreme cases, you can do a 25 man raid for Deadly Gladiator gear which normally requires 1800+ arena ratings. Here are some ways to gain honor that I have found in the current beta build as well as other ways to obtain your PVP gear with out cashing in honor.

New battleground marks trade in rewards

New battleground marks trade in rewards

  • For Great Honor – New mark trade in quest that rewards 930 honor. One from each battleground is needed, excluding marks from Alterec Valley. I recommend saving all your marks for now.
  • Wintergrasp Commendation – Awards 2000 honor, bind on account item. Purchased with 30 [Stone Keeper’s Shards] which are obtained by doing various quests in Wintergrasp and killing instance bosses while your faction is in control of Wintergrasp. Shards are similar to spirit shards in TBC.
  • [Wintergrasp Mark of Honor] – Awards 5000 honor for winning team and 2500 for the losing team in a Wintergrasp battle.
  • [Emblem of Heroism] – Tokens similar to the current Badge of Justice that can be traded in for Savage Gladiator PVP gear. These are obtained through level 80 heroics, heroic daily, and 10 man raids. About 40-60 tokens for one piece of gear.
  • [Emblem of Valor] – Tokens that can be traded in for Deadly Gladiator PVP gear. These are obtained through level 80, 25 man raids only.
  • Wintergrasp PVP Zone – On the beta there are about 100 people on each side during the event, once live, there will be hundreds of people that can be killed for honor. Remember that a player can be killed up to 50 times before no honor is given. Siege vehicles are also used in this zone, which can take out multiple enemies. Daily quests are available which rewards gold and [Stone Keeper’s Shards]. Shards as mentioned before can be traded in for honor, mounts, meta gems, jewelcrafting recipes, enchants, and Heirloom (bind on account) items.
  • Vault of Archavon Raid – Once your faction wins/controls Wintergrasp, a raid instance is unlocked. It is available in 10 and 25 man versions. In the 10 man raid, surprisingly the boss drops Tier 7 (Naxx 10 man set) PVE gear, the PVP gear it drops is unknown at the moment. In the 25 man raid, T7.5 (Naxx 25 man set) and Deadly Gladiator gear drops. Remember Deadly Gladiator is the set that requires 1800-2200 arena ratings.

With all these different ways of obtaining honor and PVP gear, 60,000 honor for an item doesn’t sound as bad now. So get to it, start working towards that honor cap of 75,000!

In [Part 4] we will find some tactics that will give you an edge on leveling to 80. This can include consumables, gear, and even being the right spec. Stay tuned!