Herbalism: 1 Week update from Inscription launch

21 10 2008

One week ago I wrote about stockpiling some herbs right before the Inscription launch in patch 3.0.2. I had saved up 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to sell as a Inscription power leveling kit. I had spent an estimated 1000g on buying out all the herbs, which I had some left over. The night right before the patch (Oct. 14th) I had bought the final remaining herbs I needed at some marked up prices on the auction house. I really should have did this weeks before since I was paying up to 3.5g a piece for herbs. Good thing I didn’t need much.

On patch day servers took forever to get back up, that’s probably why I saw a huge increase in traffic on the site. It was 9PM server by the time I logged on so I started spamming my power leveling kit. There were only a few offers and it was for 3000g (~33g/stack), which wasn’t anything to brag about, but I took it. I had realized just after selling those herbs how much money 350+ scribes were making, thousands within the first few days. The Inscription leveling guide I had linked to my buyer had you make 275+ glyphs by 350. So my buyer would have made all 3000g back if they sold each glyph for approximately 15g each, which is what the scribes on my server was charging for any glyph. Plus extra for the rare minor glyphs you can only learn by doing [Minor Inscription Research] once every 20 hours. Also with 6 minor glyphs per class and 9 classes, that’s about 50 days to learn all of them, pre Wotlk. I had even heard of other servers selling stacks of herbs for 100g+!

With the severe server lag, my buyer wanted me to C.O.D. him all 1800 herbs with 7.5 messages. I really should have waited a bit, but I got impatient and it was getting late. So a few days later I had recieved only 2200g and 2 returned messages which had a C.O.D. of 400g each. Those mailings were returned Outland herbs. My buyer had just picked what herbs they needed and returned the rest which defeats the point of my herb package! I really should have just randomized the herbs I put in each mailing, which holds 12 stacks. So my profit was around 1200g, but the buyer was still paying an average of 33g+ per stack, which included all the lowbie herbs I bought for only a few gold a stack.

This wasn’t a total loss, I still made some money and have herbs to sell at inflated prices on the AH. I didn’t stop my other sources of income, so in the end I still made a profit for the little work of buying out herbs on the auction house. In the past week I made about 5000g, not too bad since I went back to actually play the game rather than standing in front of the AH for hours. As a side note, the icon above is [Glyph of Pick Pocket], which I found to be appropriate for this post of me getting had by my buyer.

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Herbalism: Inscription Launches Tomorrow 


Bank Alts: Gigantique Bag vs Wotlk Glacial Bag

18 10 2008

The question is should you wait until Wotlk for the new 22 slot [Glacial Bag] or buy the current 22 slot [“Gigantique” Bag]? At the moment on the beta, 22 slot universal bags are the biggest ones you can obtain, including raid drops. While the mats for a [Glacial Bag] looks expensive and has a total of 32 days (16 with specialization AND trading) worth of cloth cool downs, speculators seem to think the final cost of the bag will still be less than 1200g. The current materials that are needed for this bag are; 4 [Moonshroud], 4 [Ebonweave], 1 [Eternium Thread].

The materials broken down are:

The cloth will essentially be free plus the 3g for the thread. The eternals can be farmed or bought off the auction house. My prediction is this bag will have to be priced lower than the current 22 slot to remain competitive. At first when there is a huge demand for the specialized cloth, these bags will probably be around 1000g, over time as more and more players hit level cap, they will start to fall. So in the mean time, wait till Wotlk until you buy your new 22 slot bags.

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Bank Alts: New Wotlk Bags

Herbalism: Inscription Launches Tomorrow

13 10 2008

I am writing this on Monday afternoon, the day before patch 3.0.2 comes out. Already the prices of herbs on my server have increased. Many herbs of the herbs are in short supply and even non existent on the auction house. I have been saving a bunch of random stacks of herbs to resell for a profit when Inscription drops on Tuesday. I decided to sell them as a entire lot along with a link to a guide. While trying to buyout the remaining herbs needed for my power leveling kit, I had trouble finding the mid level herbs. Low level and Outland herbs still have a fair price. I may try later tonight to see if I can finish up buying the stacks I need. Not sure how much my lot will go for, but I will base it on how much herbs go for tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on prices they might be charging, please let me know. According to the guide I am using, to hit max level Inscription that this patch will let you go up to, you will need 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to power level it.

The Smoke Shop of Wotlk

As far as trying to cash in on this herb rush, scan your auction house for cheap herbs and prepare to sell them tomorrow after the patch is implemented. Remember many people plan to power level this profession and are also saving their herbs to sell, prepare for some competition. Check specifically for all the mid level herbs. I have posted 2 Inscription power leveling guides below to help you with the herbs you will need for it, even better for you if you are actually planning to level this profession.

Tailoring: Spellthread

12 10 2008

Prices on the auction house has been going down slowly in the past few weeks. This means our leg armor kits are not selling for as much, however the prices of the mats has dropped respectively. A recent price check on my medium population server showed that [Primal Life] are selling for as low as 9g and [Primal Nether] for less than 15g. While the kits themselves are selling for about 200g, which means there is still a profit to be made! I posted a similar article on making money with Leatherworking armor kits a while back, here is an excerpt on how to make money with the kits. The idea remains the same.

Crafting these leg armor kits were one of my most profitable items sold on the auction house. After the patch that removed BOP primal nethers, I was able to just buy the mats, craft the kit, and sell on the AH for about a 100-150g profit. Estimated time to buy, craft, and list was 1 minute per kit. So essentially, 6000g+ per hour! Of course money from the auction house does not grow at a similar rate compared to farming primals where it is more dependant on the time you put in. Auctions take time to sell, this is where you will be spending most of your time. Keeping just a few of your auctions up, re-listing, undercutting, and playing the auction house will take more time that it did for you to craft the item. I had even made 5000g in one day, all I did was check my mail for successful auctions. This method is pretty much a cruise control for steady income.

Here are the steps needed for this method:

  • Buy Mats– Check the AH for the mats needed. Make sure the total price of the mats are less than what the kit sells for. Eventually you will know the prices by heart and know when there is a good deal when you see one. Try the trade channel as well, some of the best deals can be found there. Also note that individual motes may cost less than the whole primal itself. Buying a large volume of mats consistently may also keep the prices on them steady. Say primal life costs 35g a piece, but you decide you will only buy them below this price. So every time you see airs going for less than 35g you buy them out immediately, this causes the price to stay around 35g. High prices in mats sometimes is relative to the prices of the kits. Keep the cost of mats high on your server than your kits will retain a higher sell price. This usually can only be done by logging on multiply times a day to control the market like this.
  • Craft it– This part is pretty straight forward. If you do not have this profession than either have a friend craft them for you or find someone that is a Tailor. If it is only a few kits, no one would catch on to what your doing, however when you put in the volume that I did, others will catch on.
  • List it– Do a quick search of the item to see the current price. Usually there is no more than one page of them. Undercut the lowest one with a price you are comfortable with or even just 5g. It will sell before the current lowest priced either way. Set time to 48 hours. Sometimes there only be 1 other on listed and for a very low amount. Depending on how low it is, you may want to just buy it and re-list it at a higher price. If you do not want to take the risk, than list your own at a normal price. Usually the other item will be bought quickly based on its’ low price and yours will be the only one on there. Please avoid flooding the market with all the kits you have crafted, this will just drive prices down. I usually only keep 1 kit on there at a time. Be aware that the auction house takes a 5% cut of the final price, so if it is bought out for 500g, you will only receive 475g in the mail.
  • Re-List it– Sometimes your auctions will get undercut or simply will not sell. Just repeat the last step. Always have a supply of these kits, you will use them to undercut people that just undercut your auction. This makes sure that your kit is always at the top. This really depends on how often you check your auctions. I found that through out the day people will eventually undercut you. This is a waiting game so try not to check every 5 minutes because eventually the market will get flooded and prices will go way down. I always kept about 5 of each kit in my inventory at all times. Sometimes I made more but realized that it was safer to carry a lower amount. This is because price of kits and the mats can go down at the same time. The last thing you want is a bunch of kits that are just going to break even when you sell them.

[Golden Spellthread] Buyout Price: 175-220g

[Runic Spellthread] Buyout Price: 175-220g

[Silver Spellthread] 130-150g

[Mystic Spellthread] Buyout Price: 130-150g

~Prices are estimates, the will differ for many people.

You may have noticed I included the blue quality kits as well. Although they net you a lower profit, it is a good idea to diversify. Prices fluctuate constantly so when certain kits are not doing so well, sell other types. This also brings in gold faster, but if you really want to make the most profit, just sell the epic quality kits. The only drawback really is the amount of time to sell all of them, the AH will only sell them so fast. Volume is the key here. I have found out these kits sell at a consistent rate; there is a constant demand for them. Just remember to be patient and consistently list your auctions.

Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks Video

10 10 2008

Recently I wrote about the many and expensive gold sinks in Wotlk. Here is a video highlighting some of the items. The hit points I am refering to on the mammoth mount is part of Wotlk’s new siege vehicle mechanic. You can even survive a 1000 yard fall on the mount, once you hit the ground you dismount and you can resummon. It can also take damage, once HP hits zero, you are dismounted. You do not take damage yourself like when you are on a regular mount. You cannot be cc’ed or slowed while on the mount. The [Mechano-hog] / [ Mekgineer’s Chopper] are also like this. Flag runners can hop on these mounts during WSG as well.

[Update] Blizzard just announced that a flying mount is required to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. However you won’t need to buy [Cold Weather Flying], a loaner mount will be given to you so you can access this content. So this is considered a gold sink instead of a required purchase. For example the flying mount requirment to access Tempest Keep instances in TBC is not considered a gold sink.

Blue Post:

“Cold-Weather flying not required to level up at higher levels.
This is not true. You are not required to have Cold Weather Flying to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. If you do not have Cold Weather Flying, you will get a “loaner mount” that will permit you to complete leveling in the zones.” (Source)

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Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks

Bank Alts: New Wotlk Bags

7 10 2008
The new standard in Wotlk.

The new standard in Wotlk.

With the upcoming release of Wotlk, new bags will be introduced. It looks like the new 20 slot bags will be the standard, and the 22 slot will be the biggest universal bag.

Other 22 slot bags:

I am looking forward to upgrading all my bags to [Frostweave Bag] in Wotlk. The mats are some of the new cloth [Frostweave] and enchanting dust [Infinite Dust]. So basically similar to netherweave and arcane dust on live. Currently I’m using only 16 slot bags on my bank alt, ya I know with the amount of gold I have I really should upgrade. With 11 bags to replace, that is a gain of 44 slots for me, not to bad for the welfare bag of Wotlk.

Specialty Bags (Build 9038):

Just a tip for those of you that may not know, you can store many different things in specialty bags. Take Leatherworking bags for example, wowhead shows that the bag can store 400+ different items! These include things like primals, patterns, armor kits, and various reagents used for leatherworking. I had discovered this when I had a bag in one of my bank slots and right clicked an item in my inventory. The primal went directly into the leatherworking bag, I realized then that the bag could store so much more than just leather!

Wotlk Beta: Toy Train Set Video

7 10 2008

Annoying, yes, funny, oh ya! This [Toy Train Set] can be yours for 250g, has a 30 minute cool down, and has a 1.5 minute duration. I have also included a preview of what [Noble’s Elementium Signet] looks like when equipped. Every few seconds you will see my right had sparkle. This ring is one of the current gold sinks on live. Some people have bought one for their bank alts just because they can. Priced at 2400g this is not for the feint of heart and is sold by Haris Pilton in Lower City. The ring even reads “Finely crafted from the rarest materials, this exquisit ring is worn by the world’s elite“. I wanted to try this item out in the beta before I bought one for my live bank alt. I must say, this is the few items that will set you apart from the rest.