Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks Video

10 10 2008

Recently I wrote about the many and expensive gold sinks in Wotlk. Here is a video highlighting some of the items. The hit points I am refering to on the mammoth mount is part of Wotlk’s new siege vehicle mechanic. You can even survive a 1000 yard fall on the mount, once you hit the ground you dismount and you can resummon. It can also take damage, once HP hits zero, you are dismounted. You do not take damage yourself like when you are on a regular mount. You cannot be cc’ed or slowed while on the mount. The [Mechano-hog] / [ Mekgineer’s Chopper] are also like this. Flag runners can hop on these mounts during WSG as well.

[Update] Blizzard just announced that a flying mount is required to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. However you won’t need to buy [Cold Weather Flying], a loaner mount will be given to you so you can access this content. So this is considered a gold sink instead of a required purchase. For example the flying mount requirment to access Tempest Keep instances in TBC is not considered a gold sink.

Blue Post:

“Cold-Weather flying not required to level up at higher levels.
This is not true. You are not required to have Cold Weather Flying to complete leveling in the 77-80 zones. If you do not have Cold Weather Flying, you will get a “loaner mount” that will permit you to complete leveling in the zones.” (Source)

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Wotlk Beta: Gold Sinks


Wotlk Beta: Toy Train Set Video

7 10 2008

Annoying, yes, funny, oh ya! This [Toy Train Set] can be yours for 250g, has a 30 minute cool down, and has a 1.5 minute duration. I have also included a preview of what [Noble’s Elementium Signet] looks like when equipped. Every few seconds you will see my right had sparkle. This ring is one of the current gold sinks on live. Some people have bought one for their bank alts just because they can. Priced at 2400g this is not for the feint of heart and is sold by Haris Pilton in Lower City. The ring even reads “Finely crafted from the rarest materials, this exquisit ring is worn by the world’s elite“. I wanted to try this item out in the beta before I bought one for my live bank alt. I must say, this is the few items that will set you apart from the rest.