Bank Alts: Gigantique Bag vs Wotlk Glacial Bag

18 10 2008

The question is should you wait until Wotlk for the new 22 slot [Glacial Bag] or buy the current 22 slot [“Gigantique” Bag]? At the moment on the beta, 22 slot universal bags are the biggest ones you can obtain, including raid drops. While the mats for a [Glacial Bag] looks expensive and has a total of 32 days (16 with specialization AND trading) worth of cloth cool downs, speculators seem to think the final cost of the bag will still be less than 1200g. The current materials that are needed for this bag are; 4 [Moonshroud], 4 [Ebonweave], 1 [Eternium Thread].

The materials broken down are:

The cloth will essentially be free plus the 3g for the thread. The eternals can be farmed or bought off the auction house. My prediction is this bag will have to be priced lower than the current 22 slot to remain competitive. At first when there is a huge demand for the specialized cloth, these bags will probably be around 1000g, over time as more and more players hit level cap, they will start to fall. So in the mean time, wait till Wotlk until you buy your new 22 slot bags.

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Bank Alts: New Wotlk Bags


Bank Alts: New Wotlk Bags

7 10 2008
The new standard in Wotlk.

The new standard in Wotlk.

With the upcoming release of Wotlk, new bags will be introduced. It looks like the new 20 slot bags will be the standard, and the 22 slot will be the biggest universal bag.

Other 22 slot bags:

I am looking forward to upgrading all my bags to [Frostweave Bag] in Wotlk. The mats are some of the new cloth [Frostweave] and enchanting dust [Infinite Dust]. So basically similar to netherweave and arcane dust on live. Currently I’m using only 16 slot bags on my bank alt, ya I know with the amount of gold I have I really should upgrade. With 11 bags to replace, that is a gain of 44 slots for me, not to bad for the welfare bag of Wotlk.

Specialty Bags (Build 9038):

Just a tip for those of you that may not know, you can store many different things in specialty bags. Take Leatherworking bags for example, wowhead shows that the bag can store 400+ different items! These include things like primals, patterns, armor kits, and various reagents used for leatherworking. I had discovered this when I had a bag in one of my bank slots and right clicked an item in my inventory. The primal went directly into the leatherworking bag, I realized then that the bag could store so much more than just leather!

Bank Alts: Guild Bank vs. Personal Storage

7 10 2008
Silvermoon Banker

Silvermoon City Banker

With the release of guild banks, many bank alts have purchased them for extra space. They provide 96 slots per tab with up to 6 tabs available for purchase. So is it cheaper to have a new bank alt purchase a few tabs or just buy bags and bag slots from their personal banks? Lets find out…

Personal Bank Method

  • 1st – 10 Silver
    2nd – 1g
    3rd – 10g
    4th – 25g
    5th – 25g
    6th – 25g
    7th – 25g

Total: 111.10g

Total: 77g

Slot Breakdown

  • 28 Bank
    112 Bank Slots
    16 Backpack
    64 Personal Bags
    0 Guild Bank

Total Slots: 220
Price: 188g
Price per slot: .85g

Guild Bank Method

  • Guild Charter – 10 Silver
    1st – 100g
    2nd – 250g
    3rd – 500g
    4th – 1000g
    5th – 2500g
    6th – 5000g

Total: 9350g

Slot Breakdown (Using 2 Tabs as an example)

  • 28 Bank
    0 Bank Slots
    16 Backpack
    0 Personal Bags
    192 Guild Bank (96 per tab)

Total slots: 236
Price: 350.1g
Price per slot: 1.4g

From the results, you can see that purchasing bank slots and bags is cheaper than buying guild tabs. Even more so if you have the bags crafted as you only need netherweave cloth. Remember the guild bank method is a set price and does not change. It also scales terribly since the more tabs you buy, the greater the cost. By the time you buy all 6 tabs for 9350g, you are paying over 16g a slot! Lets say you use small 6 slot bags with the personal bank method, your still paying less per slot compared to the guild bank method.

Personally I have a combination of both, I like how the guild bank has all your items in one space compared to having all your personal bank slots open at once. I guess I could download a bag mod to fix this. Another reason I have both is I like having only one bank alt and do not like logging on to multiple characters. So when all my bags and slots became full on my bank alt, I ended up buying 2 bank tabs for more space. Some of you may only specialize in one particular market, so having item specific bags will be even cheaper when using the personal bank method. However some of you heavy auction house players will need more than the 200+ slots used in the examples above.  Many of you probably have multiple bank alts already to handle the amount of items you move daily.

I hope this information helped you make a decision if you were just making your first bank alt or were considering one. Buying bags and personal bank slots are the way to go when you are starting out, then expand to a guild tabs if you need more space for that one bank alt.