Information in this blog is completely free. Ever wonder how people achieve 5000g? 10,000? 214,748? There are plenty of terrible gold making guides out there. Any noob knows they can farm primals and do daily’s. I give advice mostly centered on crafting and playing the auction house. This takes way less time to do than farming and brings in a whole lot more gold. Just farming primals or doing dailys bring in at best 130-150g an hour after vendor trash and repairs. For a gold guide to claim 200g/hour is fairly low by my standards. The purpose of this information is to make gold in a quick and efficient way, not farming mindlessly. This blog is designed to be fairly technical and specific rather than providing general information and ranting about random things. Eventually you will build your wealth and be able to afford anything you want in the game. After achieving 10,000g, I ended my farming days on things like primals and mats. All I had to do was buy whatever I needed with out thinking twice about it. Then I continued  to make even more gold that I could ever need. Now that’s financial freedom in WOW. My definition of financial freedom in WOW is being able to buy what you want and when you want. It is to never say I do not have enough gold for [Insert item here].

The goal of this blog is to create a community to inform newbies and veteran power sellers alike. I however understand successful gold making strategies are closely guarded. Many come with a price, we have all seen ads for gold guides. I would like this to be a up to date resource for the elite gold makers to stay on top of their game. Prices of things change over time, most dramatically after certain patches. I hope to provide news and information to keep people informed about the ever changing World of Warcraft economy as well as how to spend it on the many gold sinks in the game. Be aware that there is more of a focus on level capped players with max level professions. Most advice given here will be aimed at people who already know gold making basics. I hope that our advice can achieve 1000g+ an hour compared to the low amounts advertised everywhere else. We will tend to shy away from things like farming, grinding, instance runs, and illegal tactics to obtain gold. There are other resources for stuff like that.

So I hope you enjoy your stay and that some of these guides will help you achieve financial freedom in the World of Warcraft!


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