Wotlk Preparation Part 2: Liquidate your Assets

30 10 2008

In Part 1 of our Wotlk Preparation series, we talked about hitting level caps and saving materials to get a head start in leveling professions. In Part 2 we will discuss liquidating your items, organizing, and freeing up bank slots in preparation for all the new items and mats you will be collecting in Wotlk

Liquidate your assets: Time to do some spring cleaning in your banks. Many items are going to lose their value when Wotlk launches, like when essences dropped in price when new primals were introduced in Burning Crusade. Lets start by taking a look at what’s taking up your precious bag space first.

Spring Cleaning

  • Mounts & Non-combat pets: Hopefully by now you have clicked on all your non-combat pets and mounts so they go into your pets tab, this is a big space saver for some people.
  • Reagents: Since the new patch, some items are no longer required for certain skills. An example of this for Rogues would be like [Flash Powder] and [Theives’ Tools]. Free up some bag space by vendoring these reagents or tools since you no longer need them.
  • Consumables: Unless you are still raiding, take a look at what flasks/elixirs/potions/food you are no longer using. You can either sell them on the auction house or save a few for a small advantage in leveling. Some noteworthy consumables you may want to hang onto for leveling are anything with spirit or health/mana regen. Also start selling off those [Mark of the Illidari]since you are probably not going to revisit those instances in Wotlk. In an upcoming post I will list off some consumables I plan to use to reduce down time during leveling in Northrend.
  • Badges & Tokens: Either buy some gear with your [Badge of Justice]‘s or purchase epic gems to resell on the auction house. You may even want to go one step further as to get the raw gem into a popular cut to get a higher resale value. Check your local auction house for which gems are going for the highest. [Crimson Spinel]is usually a popular gems across most servers since blue and yellow cuts are usually only used to fill meta requirements. Take a look in your bank, chances are there are some [Spirit Shard]‘s. Fly over to Terokkar Forest to cash these in. I would pass on the gear unless it is a good upgrade for you. Trade in your shards for health or mana potions, this will help during those Wotlk grind sessions. You are not able to vendor these by the way. Also check your bank for Halaa tokens to trade for some gear, mounts, or even a 18 slot bag. So far in the beta, there are no battleground mark requirements for the new PVP gear. However this may change once it goes life, but if you have PVP marks you want to get rid of, they can be traded for various tabards, mounts, and gear. There is also a quest that allows you to turn in 4 of the different marks for honor as well. Please remember to save your honor points, Blizzard has announced that they will NOT be reset. You may have other forms tokens or daily quest items, but you get the point, cash them out and free yourself some bag space.
  • Cloth: Many of us have plenty of [Netherweave Cloth] sitting in our bank alts, there are many ways to liquidate this abundant item. You can put them on the auction house, however it is not recommended unless your making over 5g a stack. The reason is that you can craft 10 [Heavy Netherweave Bandage]‘s with a stack of cloth and vendor them for 3g. So putting up the cloth on the AH for less than 3g is completely pointless. Start making bandages and vendoring them, some people will even buy the cloth for very cheap use this method to make some quick gold. Another way to get rid of your cloth is if you are a Tailor/Enchanter, you can craft things like [Netherweave Bracers] and disenchant them. Then sell the enchanting mats on the AH, but be aware at how much enchanting supplies sell for in the current economy. You can always use an enchanting mod or Wowhead to check what items disenchant into what materials. One last way to burn some of your cloth is to make [Netherweave Bag]‘s with them. These are 16 slot bags that you can use in your 7 bank slots and for your bank alts if you have smaller bags you can replace. All it takes is 20 cloth and 1 rune thread to craft. Make sure your not paying too much to have these crafted since you can buy them on the auction house for around 7g. That stack of cloth for the bag is already worth 3g in bandages, so tipping your local Tailor anymore than 4g per bag wouldn’t be worth it. Also consider specialty bags since they can carry various items like primals and various items you wouldn’t think would go into that type of bag, check Wowhead for what bags can hold what.
  • Crafting Materials: These materials have always been valuable, there will always be people leveling professions. Keep in mind the new wave of Death Knights that will level professions from level 1, including secondary professions (except first aid). We may see a slight rise in pre Burning Crusade mats. The idea is that new Death Knights most likely won’t be farming low level things for crafting mats, but rather just buy them off the auction house. The save thing to do right now is to just sell off whatever mats you have on the auction house. A more riskier plan would be to save them for the first week of Wotlk and sell them at a higher price to new Death Knights. Obviously, save crafting mats you plan to use yourself if you are choosing to roll a DK or level a new profession. Remember to save some if you plan to craft some recipes from TBC for those extra skill points at the beginning of Wotlk, as mentioned in Part 1 of this series.
  • Gear: Check for gear that you may not need anymore. Since the latest patch +healing/+spell damaged have been consolidated into +spell power. Some classes may be able to get rid of some gear that they have saved because it had one or the other. I have not been a huge fan in saving old gear, but some people love collecting old word weapons or sets for aesthetic purposes. Look for old trinkets that you may not use anymore, I personally will keep the trinkets that summon combat pets.
  • Miscellaneous Junk: Do a quick check to make sure no vendor trash got mixed up into your inventory. If a certain item is not BOP (Bind on Pickup) and you don’t use it very often, you may want to consider moving it to a bank alt. I personally have moved things like extra scrolls, food, consumables, and crafting materials over to a bank alt till I need them. Look also for things like random Holiday or event items as well. Use your best judgement on deleting all this random junk in your inventory, it should be pretty clear by now that most items will be worthless after Wotlk. Just keep in mind what new Death Knights will be most likely to use while they are leveling.

This should conclude your inventory cleaning, if you are still unsure about certain items and their use after Wotlk, just hang on to them. After Wotlk gets release, you can free up even more old world junk if you don’t see a need for them. After you have liquidated all your assets, do a quick organization of all your items. In my extra bank slot bags, I usually separate things into categories like gear, consumables, quest items and marks, crafting materials, old trinkets and vanity items, etc. Some of you may prefer to put all the old world items into a few bags, and leave the rest open for new incoming Wotlk items. I wish the very best to all of you in your quest to organize and liquidate your assets, I know this can be a chore for some of you. Suggestions are always welcome and please let me know if I had missed any items.

In [Part 3] we will crunch some numbers to see how much Honor Points you should save up in preparation for the new level 80 PVP gear. There are 3 different sets of PVP gear per season! Stay tuned!




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30 10 2008
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30 10 2008

There is a repeatable quest already that gives like 350 honor for 1 mark each, so if you don’t want to buy lvl70 Pvp gear (I see no point to do so) I’d suggest to turn the marks into honor.

However I don’t do it, because I expect this repeatable quest exist on lvl 80 too and give more honor (most probably will need the mark from the new BG). So I have 80+ marks from each type on my main.

30 10 2008

Ah yes, I left that out. I knew I was going to forget something while trying to cover so many things. Thanks for reminding me.

31 10 2008

Just wanted to add that it’s worth keeping hold of a fair amount of Netherweave cloth. This is because, just like with TBC, you need some “old” cloth to get to the point where you can make the “new” (Frostweave in this case) bandages. Since cloth will be much harder for non-tailors to come by in WotLK, you’ll want to grind out those Heavy Netherweave Bandages until they go grey.

2 11 2008
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3 11 2008

Actually, frostweave is almost annoying at current beta droprates, and you can very easily make it from current maxed first aid.
you won’t need any netherweave.

3 11 2008

Heavy Netherweave bandages go grey at 375, but like Hinenuitepo said, cloth is everywhere in Northrend. Hopefully the cloth to bandages trick still works, as in the bandages vendor for more than the mats themselves on the auction house.

5 11 2008
Wotlk Preparation Part 3: Honor and PVP

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