Wotlk Preparation Part 1: Hitting Level Caps

29 10 2008

Over the next few weeks before the launch of Wotlk, I will be talking about how I am preparing for Wotlk as well as offer advice to our readers on how to prepare for it. It seems to be a question that keeps coming up as we get closer to launch (November 13th 2008).

Hit level caps: From a profit standpoint, being at level cap with your character, professions, and skills will make you the most money. If you are not level 70 yet, try your best to get there before the expansion. This also goes for your professions, including gathering skills and secondary professions. Bring them up to 375, this includes cooking, fishing, and first aid. The price of some materials have dropped significantly so getting the rest of those skill points shouldn’t be too expensive. Even if you don’t plan on using your secondary professions, it is still a good idea to since it will unlock the daily quests for them. You can always sell the rewards from them like [Northern Spices], which will be in high demand at first. However I still recommend using cooking to turn all that meat you will loot into profit by cooking it.

You may also consider leveling your weapon skills to their cap if there are not there already. Some people still are not at cap with their ranged weapons like wands, or maces for healers. This can mean the difference between killing that totem or finishing off a player when you are out of mana. By doing this, you will save some time later on when you have to level them in Northrend. After all the whole point in preparing for the expansion is to do what you need to do now, while you have the time, rather than later, when you have better things to do.

Save materials for your professions: Once you get to one of the Northrend starting areas, you can train to become a Grand Master in your professions and start leveling past 375. Some of your recipes from Burning Crusade may still be green, yellow, or orange. You can check at www.wowhead.com to see which recipes go grey when. Start to save up some mats to level some of these to get a head start in leveling the profession. Of course some end game recipes would not be reasonable to craft because of the high cost of materials. I would only do that if you really wanted to get that extra edge.

Some cooking recipes don't go grey until 385.

Some cooking recipes don't go grey until 385.

I’ll take cooking for example; [Spicy Crawdad] is still green, [Fisherman’s Feast] and [Hot Buttered Trout]will still be yellow at 375. I have already started saving up a few of the mats for these so I can save my Northrend meat and fish for better recipes. Kaliope over at WoW Crafting Blog has attempted to level cooking in the beta and has reported that it is going to take a lot of mats to get those final skill points to 450.

I don’t know about all the professions, but please leave a comment if you know of any reasonable recipes that you can use to give you those few extra skill points in Wotlk. My only trade skill at the moment is Leatherworking, and the drums are the only reasonable things I can make to get some extra skill points before I start with Northrend mats.

In [Part 2] we will cover liquidating your items, organizing, and freeing up bank slots in preparation for all the new items and mats you will be collecting in Wotlk. Look for it in the next few days.




4 responses

30 10 2008

The expansion is coming out on the 13th 🙂

Nice guide! I’m going to start saving some mats up for leveling my cooking past 375 🙂

30 10 2008

Nice post. I agree with most things you say in this article. But I don’t agree on the point you should max out all your profession skills before WOTLK. Case and point, my tailoring on my priest is at 366. The every last 10 points will cost about 100-200 GP each. In WOTLK tailoring will have recipes starting at 365 in outland. This means you can level every cheaply from 366-375 once the expansion hits. In my opinion If you find the last few points in BC impossibly expensive to level you should check WOWhead to make sure there isn’t going to be a cheaper option when WOLTK hit before you spend the gold.

30 10 2008

@FIrelight – Oops, I kept thinking expansion was coming out Tuesday cause its patch day. Thanks for catching that!

@faradhim – Good point, I didn’t even think of that. The entry level Wotlk recipes will definitely have easier mats for skill ups. Thank you for reccomending this.

30 10 2008
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