Cooking: Raid Buff Foods

26 10 2008

Food in TBC

Whether you are on a PVE or PVP server, there will always be end game raiders. This means there is always a demand for raid food. Although cooking at its’ current state isn’t the biggest money maker, it is a small market with very little competition. Also take into account the low number of people to actually spend the time to level to max cooking, it is down there with leveling fishing as peoples’ least favorite professions. I personally love both. I have been using cooking to my advantage ever since they implemented the cooking daily’s. Your average stack of raid food will sell for 20g, not anything too amazing, but for the time involved for the gold gained is very worth it. It takes 40 seconds to cook a stack of 20 food, add about 20 sec for buying the food and your up to approxamatly one minute spent per stack. If each stack sells for 20g with an investment of 10g, that’s 10g X 60 stacks an hour, which equals 600g per hour. Obviously prices will fluctuate between your servers and which type of food you are making. Below is my process for providing my server with raid food.

  • Buy Meat & Fish – Go to the auction house and filter your search for “Trade Goods” then “Meat”. Search down the lists for your typical raid food mats, this may include Zangarian Sporefish, Talbuk Venison, Warp Flesh, etc. I like to buy my meat at 50 silver or less so I can make a decent profit from the cooked product. A few patches ago Blizzard had implemented a PPU (Price per unit) tooltip, which can be access by mousing over the icon of the item. Addons like Auctioneer can sort by PPU to make things a bit easier. Beware that some uncooked meats will cost more than its cooked counterparts, these may include Spicy Crawdad and Golden Darters.  Spicy Crawdad can only be fished up from a handful of pools in Terokkar and requires a flying mount to get to. It is also is used to get the last few points in leveling to 375 cooking and becomes a popular tanking buff when cooked, which may explain the higher prices. Keep in mind items like [Huge Spotted Feltail] is not considered a fish, but an off-hand, so search for those by name.
  • Cook it– Very simple, but can be boring while waiting. I used an Addon called “Advanced Trade Skill Window” to make things easier. It will enable to queue up foods you are going to cook and automatically buy the needed reagents when you click on a vendor. Very nice since it will buy all the reagents at once from the vendor, saving valuable clicking time. When you process your queue, once a certain type of food is done cooking, you have to press the button again.
  • Sell it – Do a quick search of the item to see the current price. Popular raid food will sell for 20g+ sometimes all the way up to 40g in the recent economy. Tuesday is a good day to list and re-list your items because raid instances reset that day and most guilds have raiding planned that night. One week, I had decided to save up all my food and sell them all on Tuesday afternoon. I listed about 60+ stacks of various cooked food, and by night time, I had made about 1000g.

Cooking can be a profitable profession, especially if your in the world killing things that drop meat. Some may not like the whole micro management aspect of it, but I don’t mind and it’s a nice consistant market that has items that are always in demand. If anything, the profit I make from cooking offsets all those auction house cuts and fees. If you are a max level cook, you may want to give it a try or add it to your current list of markets you participate in.

Wotlk Beta: Cooking was buffed tremendously in the beta. This is great for cooks who profit off this profession. They have introduced a new semi-rare reagent called [Northern Spices], which a only a few are rewarded from the Wotlk cooking daily quest. In addition, you can also use your daily cooking token, [Dalaran Cooking Award] to purchase 10 of these spices. The tokens are also used to buy some of the higher level recipes so it becomes a balancing act on buying spices vs. recipes. All the high level food require one of these spices to cook one piece of food. So if you wanted to cook a stack of the new raid food, it would take you two days just to get 20 spices to make it. This implies that level 80 raid food prices will be closer to potions and elixirs. These spices are only used for recipes 400-450, however there are some decent buff foods before that. The mats are just standard one meat to one food, so you will still be able to afford that stack of your favorite raid food. For example; [Shoveltusk Steak] has +35 Spell and +30 Stamina, vs the version that uses spices, [Firecracker Salmon] which has +46 Spell and +40 Stamina. Also note that the duration has been increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour. I hope to write more about this when Wotlk ships, I really like where cooking is going now, as well as fishing. Here is a sample of what Wotlk cooking looks like, note the new “tracking” foods. [Wotlk Cooking Screenshot]




3 responses

27 10 2008

Thanks! Now I’ve got a plan on what to do with the “box of meat” contents from the daily cooking quest — at least those ingredients that I don’t need…

Very cool blog, look forward to reading more!

29 10 2008

Just discovered this site, as it was submitted by one of your readers to the Twisted Nether Wiki ( Great looking site, great info…you can bet I’ll be returning often!

11 04 2010

Thanks for the tip. Even though this is an older post, some of this information is still usable today.

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