Wotlk Beta: The Motorcycle Costs How Much!

24 10 2008
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10 Days to make 1 Motorcycle

10 Days to make 1 Motorcycle

We have all seen or heard about it, the infamous motorcycle mount! A few posts ago I wrote about some gold sinks in the beta, but I left out crafted items since it was still hard to gauge the price range of these items in the beta. The [Mechano-hog] / [Mekgineer’s Chopper] had spiked my interested, this item for sure in my mind was going to be an expensive gold sink. I had looked up the mats on wowhead and found that half the items were sold from a vendor in Storm Peaks. I had visited the place with my premade level 80 on the beta, however Roxi Ramrockethad nothing to sell to me. Recently I had learned that you need to learn the recipe to be able to buy the mats, the prices now are available, and they are quite scary. Below I am going to at temp to estimate the price of the horde version of the mount with this new data. Engineers will most likely be able to make some big money with this item, since it is BOE (Bind on Equip) and can be sold on the auction house.

[Schematic: Mechano-hog]– Req. Exhalted Horde Expedition, 450 Engineering, BOP (Bind on Pickup)

Materials Required:


So your looking at about 27,000g+ on the top end and a minimum 12,500g just from the set vendor prices! Plus the mark up when engineers list them on the auction house. If the prices stay the same when Wotlk ships, that is still a minimum of 12,500g just for the vendor parts. Please keep in mind my estimates on the other materials are loosely based on average server prices of equivalent items; ie. Cobalt Bolts and Fel Iron Bolts. I tried to keep inflation in mind since everyone will be making more gold in Wotlk, therefore increased prices. This mount may even end up more expensive than the [Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth] which sells for 16,000g at exhalted reputation. Finding a miner willing to blow their [Smelt Titansteel] cooldown for you may be hard when everyone is trying to level up their professions. These numbers are still estimates and the vendor prices may change when Wotlk launches. For now, we know this mount has a minimum price of 12,500g, that is if you farm and mine everything else. We now have a ball park figure we can use, which is a whole lot better than  what we had to work with before.

This may be another gold sink I am interested in. With its’ 10 day crafting period and expensive price, this will become a pretty exclusive mount at first. However, the Mammoth has vendors, reagents, and repair ability which I simply cannot pass up. Between the two I would have to get a Mammoth since it has more features.




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27 10 2008
Wotlk freak

Nice craft. I am engineer and cannot wait to produce this. With my friends we have a good guild that will help me to produce my first mount of this type. It will be simply awesome, cannot wait I tell you. I will hold on to your recipe until I know it step by step and start making mount after mount.

I see that WotLK will bring many interesting things.

27 10 2008

Nice to see people with Engineering! Let me know how it goes, my friend is also a Miner/Engineer. I am going to try to get all the mats for him to make, I just hopes he agrees to it lol. I get the feeling most Engineers don’t have 12,000g+ laying around to make this mount in the first place, so I hope to be one of the first people on my server with one. I wonder how much profit you Engineers are going to make once you start putting them on the auction house? I plan on reporting on this subject once Wotlk goes live. Stay tuned!

29 10 2008

This pretty much puts it in the same cost/value range as the Mammoth, but with extra points of cool factor but minus the omnipresent vendors. Must start planning cooking domination to fund it…

9 12 2008

I made mine this morning. It was very painful and very expensive. I honestly couldn’t wait for the cooldown on my titansteel smelting and purchased the last two bars on AH for 400g each. I made the bike this morning before coming to work. I was half an hour late as I just couldn’t drag myself away from my chopper :). It’s a very cool mount and fun to play with. On the whole, if you can make this, you would be a fool not to – happyness factor alone makes it worth it.

Oh and btw, I parked myself next to someone who had payed for a Mamoth. There was no ‘pose factor’ at all on the Mamoth!

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