Bank Alts: Gigantique Bag vs Wotlk Glacial Bag

18 10 2008

The question is should you wait until Wotlk for the new 22 slot [Glacial Bag] or buy the current 22 slot [“Gigantique” Bag]? At the moment on the beta, 22 slot universal bags are the biggest ones you can obtain, including raid drops. While the mats for a [Glacial Bag] looks expensive and has a total of 32 days (16 with specialization AND trading) worth of cloth cool downs, speculators seem to think the final cost of the bag will still be less than 1200g. The current materials that are needed for this bag are; 4 [Moonshroud], 4 [Ebonweave], 1 [Eternium Thread].

The materials broken down are:

The cloth will essentially be free plus the 3g for the thread. The eternals can be farmed or bought off the auction house. My prediction is this bag will have to be priced lower than the current 22 slot to remain competitive. At first when there is a huge demand for the specialized cloth, these bags will probably be around 1000g, over time as more and more players hit level cap, they will start to fall. So in the mean time, wait till Wotlk until you buy your new 22 slot bags.

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Bank Alts: New Wotlk Bags




6 responses

18 10 2008

What’s the point of the 22 slots bags? The 20 slots bag will be much-much cheaper and the size difference is negligable.

18 10 2008

Well 22 slots aren’t for everyone, you can consider them a gold sink even. It is more of a preference, to some, 8 more slots on their main might be more valuable. I myself plan on investing on the 22 slots, I just like more bag space. However the vendor on the mammoth mount is nice to free up space, or even the portable mailbox/auction house from engineering would work.

19 10 2008

I’m a feral druid. 22slots vs 20 slots x 4 bag slots = 8 slots. Eight slots is around about how many cat pieces I have (ie rest overlaps with bear set). To me, it’s definitely worth it, since I always have quest items, profession items, healing weapon, pvp gear, reagents, etc. I had 4 x haris pilton bags equipped as soon as they were available 🙂

I can see these new bags selling for about 1100++g when they first become available though, since their only competition is the vendor ones at 1200.

19 10 2008

Another consideration is the gold inflation that will come with Wrath. The 1200 gold you might invest on a 22 slot bag now will be worth more than 1200 gold post Wrath and the longer you wait the less value it will have. If the inflation is severe enough then the gigantique bag might become the better option. Frankly, with things like the Mammoth, Blizzard seems to be thinking along these lines so it might be interesting to reevaluate this question about a month after the release.

19 10 2008

I think I understand what you are saying. Yes there will be a gold infaltion, however that makes the value of your gold less. 1200g now is worth more than 1200g after Wotlk, when things cost upwards of 9000g. Think how easy it will be to make 1200g at the inflated market compared to the current one. There will be more dailys, profession buffs, and a lot more ways you can make gold compared to now. I will re-evaluate this question post Wotlk though, that was a good suggestion. I look foward to writing about the results.

5 11 2008
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