Herbalism: Inscription Launches Tomorrow

13 10 2008

I am writing this on Monday afternoon, the day before patch 3.0.2 comes out. Already the prices of herbs on my server have increased. Many herbs of the herbs are in short supply and even non existent on the auction house. I have been saving a bunch of random stacks of herbs to resell for a profit when Inscription drops on Tuesday. I decided to sell them as a entire lot along with a link to a guide. While trying to buyout the remaining herbs needed for my power leveling kit, I had trouble finding the mid level herbs. Low level and Outland herbs still have a fair price. I may try later tonight to see if I can finish up buying the stacks I need. Not sure how much my lot will go for, but I will base it on how much herbs go for tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on prices they might be charging, please let me know. According to the guide I am using, to hit max level Inscription that this patch will let you go up to, you will need 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to power level it.

The Smoke Shop of Wotlk

As far as trying to cash in on this herb rush, scan your auction house for cheap herbs and prepare to sell them tomorrow after the patch is implemented. Remember many people plan to power level this profession and are also saving their herbs to sell, prepare for some competition. Check specifically for all the mid level herbs. I have posted 2 Inscription power leveling guides below to help you with the herbs you will need for it, even better for you if you are actually planning to level this profession.




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13 10 2008

Just discovered the blog and as a fellow AH enthusiast I appreciate the content so far.

I have been operating under the theory that most of the speculation as far as herbs goes will occur in the run up to Tuesday, that the widespread anticipation of inscription will have motivated a larger than average number of people to try and speculate, and therefore the prices will peak shortly before the patch and then fall as people dump their stores in an undercutting war in the days following. However I think you are correct regarding the mid level herbs. Much like illusion dust can be relatively lucrative as most people don’t tarry in the higher, old world zones/instances and instead move directly to Outlands, the mid level herbs might be the place where those who are only superficially interested in speculating on herbs (who might have just stashed a few stacks of Outland herbs with the vague thought of selling come patch day) will have missed. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. As for me, I’ve decided to skip it entirely, instead focusing on epic gems and voids. People are dumping these at ludicrous prices on my server’s AH. Yet what are they going to do when tomorrow comes and suddenly Brutallus with 30% less health no longer seems unconquerable and they need that mongoose enchant for their new spec and new gems for their gear? Wrath is still a month away and more people than ever will be playing, respeccing and raiding.

13 10 2008

I agree, the herb speculation is a bit risky. I have other methods of making money so I thought I would experiment and see what happens. I will report what happens in a few days and the readers know if I was successful or not.

There is always a demand for epic gems and voids on my server so thats a good market. However our prices have dropped pretty low, but good to know your server is doing well in this area!

21 10 2008
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[…] week ago I wrote about stockpiling some herbs right before the Inscription launch in patch 3.0.2. I had saved up 1800 herbs or 90 stacks to sell […]

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