Bank Alts: Guild Bank vs. Personal Storage

7 10 2008
Silvermoon Banker

Silvermoon City Banker

With the release of guild banks, many bank alts have purchased them for extra space. They provide 96 slots per tab with up to 6 tabs available for purchase. So is it cheaper to have a new bank alt purchase a few tabs or just buy bags and bag slots from their personal banks? Lets find out…

Personal Bank Method

  • 1st – 10 Silver
    2nd – 1g
    3rd – 10g
    4th – 25g
    5th – 25g
    6th – 25g
    7th – 25g

Total: 111.10g

Total: 77g

Slot Breakdown

  • 28 Bank
    112 Bank Slots
    16 Backpack
    64 Personal Bags
    0 Guild Bank

Total Slots: 220
Price: 188g
Price per slot: .85g

Guild Bank Method

  • Guild Charter – 10 Silver
    1st – 100g
    2nd – 250g
    3rd – 500g
    4th – 1000g
    5th – 2500g
    6th – 5000g

Total: 9350g

Slot Breakdown (Using 2 Tabs as an example)

  • 28 Bank
    0 Bank Slots
    16 Backpack
    0 Personal Bags
    192 Guild Bank (96 per tab)

Total slots: 236
Price: 350.1g
Price per slot: 1.4g

From the results, you can see that purchasing bank slots and bags is cheaper than buying guild tabs. Even more so if you have the bags crafted as you only need netherweave cloth. Remember the guild bank method is a set price and does not change. It also scales terribly since the more tabs you buy, the greater the cost. By the time you buy all 6 tabs for 9350g, you are paying over 16g a slot! Lets say you use small 6 slot bags with the personal bank method, your still paying less per slot compared to the guild bank method.

Personally I have a combination of both, I like how the guild bank has all your items in one space compared to having all your personal bank slots open at once. I guess I could download a bag mod to fix this. Another reason I have both is I like having only one bank alt and do not like logging on to multiple characters. So when all my bags and slots became full on my bank alt, I ended up buying 2 bank tabs for more space. Some of you may only specialize in one particular market, so having item specific bags will be even cheaper when using the personal bank method. However some of you heavy auction house players will need more than the 200+ slots used in the examples above.  Many of you probably have multiple bank alts already to handle the amount of items you move daily.

I hope this information helped you make a decision if you were just making your first bank alt or were considering one. Buying bags and personal bank slots are the way to go when you are starting out, then expand to a guild tabs if you need more space for that one bank alt.




2 responses

12 10 2008

Keep an eye on trade, for some reason on my server (Thunderhorn EU, Alliance) people sell guilds with banks all the time. I brought a guild with 3 bank tabs for 50g (yes, 50g), and I’ve seen some since for around 150g — I wish I’d brought the ones I’ve seen since, I’d have masses of bank space!

And also, it’d be cheaper to just create multiple guilds if you didn’t see people selling them cheap, and buy the first 1, 2 or 3 tabs. A little inconvenient but you’d save tons of money! 🙂

13 10 2008

Oh ya, forgot to add that. That happens fairly often, always a good buy if you happen to see one for sale. Thanks for the tip!

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