Leatherworking: Leg Armor Kits

3 10 2008

Crafting these leg armor kits were one of my most profitable items sold on the auction house. After the patch that removed BOP primal nethers, I was able to just buy the mats, craft the kit, and sell on the AH for about a 100-150g profit. Estimated time to buy, craft, and list was 1 minute per kit. So essentially, 6000g+ per hour! Of course money from the auction house does not grow at a similar rate compared to farming primals where it is more dependant on the time you put in. Auctions take time to sell, this is where you will be spending most of your time. Keeping just a few of your auctions up, re-listing, undercutting, and playing the auction house will take more time that it did for you to craft the item. I had even made 5000g in one day, all I did was check my mail for successful auctions. This method is pretty much a cruise control for steady income.

Here are the steps needed for this method:

  • Buy Mats– Check the AH for the mats needed. Make sure the total price of the mats are less than what the kit sells for. Eventually you will know the prices by heart and know when there is a good deal when you see one. Try the trade channel as well, some of the best deals can be found there. Also note that individual motes may cost less than the whole primal itself. This applies to the leather scraps as well. Buying a large volume of mats consistently may also keep the prices on them steady. Say primal airs are 35g a piece, but you decide you will only buy them below this price. So every time you see airs going for less than 35g you buy them out immediately, this causes the price to stay around 35g. High prices in mats sometimes is relative to the prices of the kits. Keep the cost of mats high on your server than your kits will retain a higher sell price. This usually can only be done by logging on multiply times a day to control the market like this.
  • Craft it– This part is pretty straight forward. If you do not have this profession than either have a friend craft them for you or find someone that is a Leather worker. If it is only a few kits, no one would catch on to what your doing, however when you put in the volume that I did, others will catch on.
  • List it– Do a quick search of the item to see the current price. Usually there is no more than one page of them. Undercut the lowest one with a price you are comfortable with or even just 5g. It will sell before the current lowest priced either way. Set time to 48 hours. Sometimes there only be 1 other on listed and for a very low amount. Depending on how low it is, you may want to just buy it and re-list it at a higher price. If you do not want to take the risk, than list your own at a normal price. Usually the other item will be bought quickly based on its’ low price and yours will be the only one on there. Please avoid flooding the market with all the kits you have crafted, this will just drive prices down. I usually only keep 1 kit on there at a time. Be aware that the auction house takes a 5% cut of the final price, so if it is bought out for 500g, you will only receive 475g in the mail.
  • Re-List it– Sometimes your auctions will get undercut or simply will not sell. Just repeat the last step. Always have a supply of these kits, you will use them to undercut people that just undercut your auction. This makes sure that your kit is always at the top. This really depends on how often you check your auctions. I found that through out the day people will eventually undercut you. This is a waiting game so try not to check every 5 minutes because eventually the market will get flooded and prices will go way down. I always kept about 5 of each kit in my inventory at all times. Sometimes I made more but realized that it was safer to carry a lower amount. This is because price of kits and the mats can go down at the same time. The last thing you want is a bunch of kits that are just going to break even when you sell them.

[Nethercobra Leg Armor] Buyout Price: 500-550g

[Nethercleft Leg Armor] Buyout Price: 300-350g

[Cobrahide Leg Armor] Buyout Price: 250g

[Clefthide Leg Armor] Buyout Price: 100g

~Prices are estimates, the will differ for many people.

You may have noticed I included the blue quality kits as well. Although they net you a lower profit, it is a good idea to diversify. Prices fluctuate constantly so when certain kits are not doing so well, sell other types. This also brings in gold faster, but if you really want to make the most profit, just sell the epic quality kits. The only drawback really is the amount of time to sell all of them, the AH will only sell them so fast. Volume is the key here. I have found out these kits sell at a consistent rate; there is a constant demand for them. Lets take 5000g for example, the price for epic flying training. You will need to sell about 50 epic kits to produce a 5000g profit. That many kits will only sell so fast along with your competition on the AH. Just remember to be patient and consistently list your auctions.

~Thank you for reading my very first post.




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